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A Funeral

Monika, now nearly as gifted on the guitar as her son Morten, liked to busk in the town centre. Not for the money but for the company. Here's Angie listening, as well as Genie Blanks.

Sean loved it and came along to dance most days.

That day, he went home early. "I'm quite tired, I'll head home and rest a while, love. You carry on, have fun."

An hour later, she got a phone call from Morten. "Mom, come home. NOW."

"Whatever is all the fuss about Morten? So dramatic!"

"I was having a blast, made two hundred Simoleans today..."

"Mom. Dad died."

Stunned silence.

"Nooooo. And I wasn't here..."

"I called you half an hour ago. He has only just gone. The Reaper is with him."

As if to prove his point, there was a sound from the bathroom. (Yes, of course he died in the bathroom!)


"He can't hear you, Monika" that was Sarlona.


"Oh." said Sean. "Gotta go."

Monika sighed. "I'll put the kettle on."

Later, Monika and Morten buried him in the local graveyard, and played guitar all night to give him a good sendoff.

"You don't want to invite Angie and the kids?"

"This is just for you and me. Angie has her own plans."

Angie meanwhile, decided to have a funeral party a few days later in the central plaza in memory of Sean. Oona was the first guest to arrive.

"I'm so sorry, Angie."

"He had a very long, full life."

Morten dancing with Oona, Duke talking to Jon, in his best Chinese jacket.

Genie thought it inappropriate that Lemuel was doing his homework at the party.

Lemuel explained: "Dad always said 'homework first, party second.'"

Rob Parton came to pay his respects.

"Time for bed, Lem. We gave him a good sendoff."

Lemuel and Shemuel actually stayed longer than anyone else, and just got out of the hot tub in time to be taken home by a policeman.

The hardest part for Monika was coming home alone to Sean's empty bed. Even the gnome seemed downhearted.

Morten felt his parents were still around, somehow.

The tales of the Pertwees will be continued.

They moved to Jericho.

Apologies for the darkness of these pictures; whatever I did I didn't seem to be able to get the lights brighter in the plaza.