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This was the only portait she would ever allow to be painted.She moved into the Jade Dynasty house in Barmy Bay.

"This is my palace, my domain," she crowed. "Of course it will need a lot of work to make it ... just so."

She hired a couple, brother and sister Duke and Sarlona Bunmui to come and "do" for her; he to fix things, drive her around and look after the horses she was planning to buy, she to clean and cook and act as Oona's Social Secretary. Also, of course, to do all the building and decorating Oona had in mind.

She started with some (5) skill in gardening, so that she could tend the money trees herself. (This wonderful legacy house comes with a sunken grove of Money Trees under the patio!). She decided to keep just a few of those, and the rest were quietly disposed of. After harvesting.

There was a huge four-car garage, with no cars as she had not yet discovered the local car dealership. Plenty of rooms for the servants, and they built a barn with stables, and planted a small garden.

She took delivery of two horses, Donna and Stargazer, from one Mick Darcy. He wants to be a jockey, and agreed to stay on for a while and help her train the horses.

Oona and Mick went to Egypt for a short trip.

There were some very high winds in Egypt that week.

Oona visited some tombs.

(Paparazzi through-dirty-window shot. The paparazzo in question has not been heard from since but is believed to have entered a monastery.)

She got to know at least one of the locals really well. This is said to be one Youssef Nagi.

Until she developed massive stomach cramps. (I was as surprised as she was.)

"Where did THAT come from?"

And she did have her baby, right there in the subterranean money tree orchard. She called him Onan, as it is almost an anagram of her own name. And it's in the Bible, so it's ancient.

Then she put him down in between the money trees and walked off to the bar for a drink, calling Salerno to come look after the baby.

"Ohh... the HORROR!"


Oona is a character and avatar created by Cwurtz.

The Old Jade Dynasty House is from Carl's Sims 3 forum, made by samoht04

Donna and Stargazer, the horses, also came from Carl's Sims 3 Forum.