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The Pertwees in Barmy Bay 3

Sean and Morten went to Evie Leash's party. Evie was quite reclusive, for a celebrity, living all alone in a large house on a hill.

She was sensitive about paparazzi getting in, so there was a massive gate and walled gardens.

Morten found a nice lass to dance with. He hoped his parents would like her too.

When the next holidays came round, it was just Sean and Monika who went to Shang Simla. Monika had a commission to catch three dragon fish.

Tancho Koi was the bait for those, and Dragon Springs seemed to be the best place for it.

It turned out she caught her three Dragon Fish (without bait?) before she got three Tancho Koi, so they kept fishing. (She came back with 9 but it turned out they were not suitable for the military.) She did top off her Fishing skill though.

Sean and Monika are now both 1139 days old.

Morten, meanwhile, was processing gems. He made a third Soulpeace and decided he should get them all cut. But he had always wondered whether the rumours he had heard about Soulpeace gems were true. Which cut was best? (The Sculptor's Egg doesn't seem to be available on these gems, or he would have tried that.)

  value cost of cut shape of cut value when returned net profit
Soulpeace 1



heart 19,015 14,210
Soulpeace 2 3245 $400 star 12,980 9,335
Soulpeace 3 4302 $100 crystal ball 11,185 6783

So Morten proved conclusively that the best cut for a Soulpeace gem, at least as regards the selling price, is the heart-shape.