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Chronicles of Arkham 11

Jeromy had a burglar! He wasn't too impressed with the contents of the shack.

Until he found the time machine.

"This'll do!"

But he was caught.

Met Mark Twain at an all-boys party at Motoki's.

"Science? Yeah I like taking flies apart."

He took himself off to the Festival but it wasn't open yet. So he spent §99 on having his fortune told, and believed every word.

The fortune teller (Hanna) told him "You will turn into a fairy." So he had to take the potion!

Experimenting: "I can do that!" Poor Karin.

His cats had kittens.

Meeny thinks he is so cool. Miny, with the white marking, is not impressed.

But Miny is puzzled by toy horses.

"Yes, none of you have tails. It proves our superiority."

Cats' eye view of Arkham from Jezzer's porch.

"What has that fairy got himself into now?"

"He climbed down the hole."

He came back up with odd rock. Green, so bright it glowed... he looked it up. Sheesh! that would cost a lot to cut! §6,500 to cut it? For that price it could stay uncut.

Couldn't see it being useful so he left it on the ground near the miner.

Took himself off to town instead.

To try chatting up the talent.

And to see what mischief he could get into.

"Paparazzi are easy victims... argh! I hate lifts!"

He still worked at the Mausoleum.

"This fairy gig's all right! My feet don't hurt any more after a long day of walking on the stones."

He found homes for the kittens. Eeny would go to Kawab, and he promised Meeny to the Marx family, and Miny to Karin Ell.

Hanna came over to pick up her cat.

"I know you're in there. I can see you through the window!"

"But I was just... Oh all right then."

He packs a fair wallop with the pillow.

"Let me show you my time machine."

The next day he realised the tiberium crystal was no longer on the ground in his yard, by the miner.

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