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Chronicles of Arkham 10: Two weddings and a baby

Mocha wanted to have their wedding at the Church of the InterDimensional Engineer. Dan did rather like that place, though his memories of it were oddly hazy - and it was the only church in town.

"Don't look so frightened, Daniel!"

"Are you sure this is going to work? It's not a conventional church!"

"It's perfectly legal. And I'm not letting you out of my clutches now!"

They had a walk-through.

"I think we're sposed to stand up at this part?"

"So this is what it's like?"

"Oh, it gets better!"

Poor Hinhanni really needed a drink. Her two best friends were getting married, and she had come straight from work.

Dan and Hinhanni practised the duet they planned to sing.

"That's a wrap guys! See you on Friday!"

When it came to Friday, they were told that part of the ritual was that Dan and Mocha had to spin simultaneously, (something to do with shaking up eggs), he had to ride the Squid, and of course there was a great deal of drinking.

Karl came to officiate.

Mocha looked lovely, of course.

"Now, having rehearsed it, isn't this easier?"

"When my heart stops doing loop-the-loops, I'll tell you."

"Silly! It's MEANT to do that!"

"Im glad I didn't have to do this when I was pregnant!"

Finally they were given their certificate.

Little Latte slept contentedly through the whole thing.

And Cappuccino caught a turtle, but let it go again because everybody was too busy getting married to pay her any attention.


Sita January 31, 2015