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Jezzer's University Journal Term 1

They told me to keep a journal. All the Communications students have to. Something about it helping learn to write. I can write! Pah! Been writing all me life!

So: Arrived.

Met a nice guy, Ronnie Blackstone - went to comic store with him.

Miss the cats. Not so sure I miss the kids. All the bawling and nappies - shudder.

Got a roommate, Jacob Salaman, to help with bills. My money is going down alarmingly fast. I bought a new bed to replace the manky brass one with creaky springs that was provided with the house here. NOW I can get a decent night's sleep.

Studied the Basics of Broadcasting. Quite enjoy this.

Finished the book I had forgotten I was writing! I knew writing a journal was a good idea! Writing supervisor says there is "hope at the end of the tunnel" and that I "should try to learn some grammer."

Sensa parole.

They have some very big flies here!

All that hard work and only a B?


Acadia Continued