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Sita's Water Park Comic Shop

Community Lot, set to Nerd Shop.

In my version of Appaloosa it's right opposite the Festival Lot, on a 50 x 50 lot.

The shop itself.

A small self-service bar and chilling room (with music).

The Astronomy Tower.

The Colonnade has various amusements - dominoes, chess, a couple of machines.

Lifeguard's view of the long pool and its in-pool bar.

And a better shot of the bar. That one IS staffed.

Near the Astronomy Tower is a small adult area, with hot coal-walking and a hot tub.

On the other side of the fence from the hot tub, a large playground for children of all ages.

The watergarden, and chess.

To the rear of the watergarden is a small Zen garden, calm and quiet. The interplay of the light from the fountains and pools is a treat.

It was made with ALL EPs and SPs installed. Checked with CUSTARD and has no extra content.

It's a large, fun lot, and runs fine for me, even when lots of Sims are there.

Cost: §305,842.


Sita 17 Jan 2015