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Sunset Hall Civic Centre


This was made with a game patched to 1.33.2.

On a 48 x 64 lot. It has the original Sunset Valley Town Hall in the basement, so no need to worry about CC doors, rugs etc. There is no CC of any kind in this building.

The idea for the imposing frontage came from Cheltenham Town Hall, though the end result is not much like.

There's a car park with extra long spaces for limousines, the obligatory public toilets, a nice office for the mayor and his staff, when he eventually gets appointed, at the very top of the building. There is plenty of space for offices, concert rooms or courts, whichever takes your Sims' fancy.

Seen late at night, with the town growing around it (slightly modified - extra lights, plants.)


Sita August 14, 2012