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Tita Lights


Inspired by the nickname of an avatar of mine on MATY. She might be closer to my RL self than Evie, q.v. Though I usually wear more moderate glasses and do not yet have lazors in RL.
She really needs a cigar, which should be thick, Columbian and chewy..

Download her as a .Sim file

Download her as a Sims3Pack

Made with game patched to 1.26.

I believe the only CC I used was the nails by Natali. She will be a little less fierce without them.


She has Athletic, Bookworm, Disciplined, Green Thumb, No Sense of Humour; of course you could change these.

Other traits you could add include Absent-Minded, Dog lover, Computer Whiz, Born Saleswoman, Clumsy, Eco-Friendly, Hopeless Romantic, Rebellious, and Megalomaniac (though this trait does not work on a PC, sadly).

Tita stars in my Sim Survivor Story.

Sita August 14, 2012