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Sims to download and put in your game

Not many Sims here so far, but watch this space!

Gomez Addams Morticia Addams
Flatulette Rutherford Jolie-Laide Hallam
Igraine Rutabaga Mawu Buluku
Bake Hamster Chew Hamster
Lance Armstrong Rosie Riveter
Bolshie Carbonist Kim Dotcom
Versions of my self-Sim at different ages. The guys from Boxer Hockey
Muthukumaru Wedemeyer The Bunmui Twins
Horses Sean Pertwee
Cate Blanchett Camilla
Tita Lights Jeromy Craig
Chiyoku Fujiwara Dodi Fayed
Alvin Dutch JMP
Sarah Ferguson Evie Leash
Rohina Butt Sutty Gentian

Sita June 8, 2021