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JMP Sim, YA and Elder

This is NOT an authorized version. I am hoping I won't get my lips ripped off... My excuse is that I need a JMP for my Sims 3 Forum World, and there has been no official version released - so this is my attempt at him as a young adult. (My Forum Sims all start as Young Adult, so he will as well. Scroll down for an Elder version.)

There can be only one! To avoid severely disrupting the space-time continuum, and\or increasing the number of fights, I would strongly recommend against installing both of these in the same World.

Considering that there are no pictures extant, and the only thing I have to go on is a Sims 2 Sim that was made without the creator ever seeing the human, I had plenty of scope. If he looks anything like the real Pescado, it's a miracle.

Download YA Pescado as .sim file

Download YA Pescado as Sims3Pack

Male pattern balding has not yet set in but will as he gets older. He already has some facial hair and surely will acquire more as time goes on.

There is a small amount of custom content in here; in particular the pirate hat by EsmeraldaF. Both use AikeaGuinea's default replacement eyes.

Both were made using sliders and so you may find the face changes if you edit his features in your game. (I'm afraid I cannot remember where I got the sliders from - and I also have Awesomemod's sliders enabled.)

His traits, in both cases, are Mean-spirited, Computer Whiz, Dislikes Children, Genius and Grumpy. And he intends to live forever, by whatever means.

I also made him in a more mature version.

Pes Senior uses RoboKitty's eye baggage, subtle wrinkles by Arisuka

Download Senior Pescado as .sim file

Download Senior Pescado as Sims3Pack

The older Pes is very slightly different - more eyebrows, a little more weight in the cheeks, his head hair is completely gone, and he has more beard. And because human men's noses change as they grow older, his has changed to echo that: it's fuller and a touch longer. So if you choose to age him down, he won't look quite the same as Junior above.

August 14, 2012