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More from the Bus Stop

Some days were very busy at and around (and above) the bus stop.

The steep slope behind the bus stop was indeed a great place for an unofficial skating rink. Thanks to Kiri for the idea.

This blur...

Is a cat. The cat killed a rat. Leaving a much larger pile of debris than the rat had been.

Christa was waiting at the Bus Stop so long that she found a lamp!

Did you know that Sims could ask the genie for Youth?

Well, Christa had a good reason to ask for youth.

Once she had her hair recoloured to its rightful pink, she asked Troy Go to marry her.


There is a mod for the genie's ageing down spell made by MkVenner on MTS. (It was in the game code but not implemented by EA.)

The Rideable Skateboard by Rebecah on MTS.