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Strangetown Bulletin 3: Gordanos and Harleys

This consists in two very different families who live side by side.

The Gordanos live in this quiet cul-de-sac and were surprised when the Harley family moved in next door. Nico is a minor executive for the Parks Department.

Nico and Suzannah are happily married, and their daughter Sweetie is a bright young snob.

Next door, with a darker, or at least smokier, history, live Davo Harley, his wife Maureen, and their grown-up son, Freddo, who is an expert snowboarder. On the computer. And "works" as a gamer. Davo fixes cars and bikes up for a living. Maureen sews all their own clothes and grows things.


Normal Jitmakusol seems to have a crush on Freddo. "He's my hero!"

Nico is an executive for the Parks Authority (which in fact is very small).

His first job was to design and organise a small park, very close to their home.

He got promoted for his design.

The Harley household is one I made for SimSlice years ago. Since SimSlice sadly is no more, here it is!

Some of their clothing and bikes (not shown) were from SimSlice. Plants and CC from Parsimonious and other places.

The Parks Department has a mission to green Strangetown. Or at least the "Centre Strip" so Nico will be busy for some time.