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Strangetown Bulletin 4: Joe Fish

This amazing place in the desert. Joe says he "inherited" it. But as Joe was a long-term pirate, who knows? It was vital Joe not be recognised, so he cut his beard short, but refused to wear a wig in this heat.


A wonderful, ancient, castle or compound, it works well in the dry, hot desert terrain of Strangetown, and didn't need much fixing up. Nothing ever rotted because of the dry climate. But Joe used up the last of his money.

So he opened it up as a business, a kind of theme park. It proved popular. Not that there was much competition; there really wasn't much else to do in Strangetown.

"How can I be cheating? I haven't made a move yet!"

He had many visitors. More than he actually would have preferred, but as he was turning over a new leaf, he let them stay and even refrained from ripping out their tongues.

Working in the garden, he felt content, as if he had finally found what he wanted from life. "No rain!"

One thing only was lacking.

He started to interview Sims for the post of Lab Assistant. Then it occurred to him that he would not have to PAY a wife.

So late one evening he proposed to his friend Marielle.

This pumpkin was cursed. Or haunted. Or something.

"Hey, what are you... Not me, you fool, the guests!"

"Nice boots, man. Shame the blood ruined them."

Is this a deathbed conversion? We will never know.

"Buh-bye, Joe," said the gnome.

And the Grim laughed. And laughed.

His fiancée Marielle inherited.


Carrigon's NPC Pumpkinhead is the star of this story, as well as the wonderful Legend ACR lot by Kativel at the Garden of Shadows; much of the content and decor of that lot is by Kativel too.

Joe Fish last appeared, under another name in Aftermath, the finale to Kutto's Bachelor Challenge, where he was seen married to Annan and building a zombie-proof bunker beneath the Mayor's house.