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Strangetown Bulletin 2

Thanks to a mysterious sponsor, StrangeTown now has a new Community School and Community Vocational College.

Said mysterious sponsor seems to have moved into the large Compound just South of the road in the town centre - no pictures yet. [see Strangetown Bulletin 4]

Other Gossip:

Shelby Wolosenko has moved in with Alan Rossi, and is believed to be pregnant.

University intake: Tank Grunt, Ripp Grunt, Ophelia.

General Buzz Grunt, single and very eligible bachelor of the district, has been seen out with Heidi Fuchs, a young Sim reputed to make her living playing the violin at the Subway.

In his words: "I was just in town to visit the bank and have my regular deep-tissue massage and I heard this wonderful sound from the subway.

A fine musician and a pretty violinist. What was she doing there?

"Simple! I had to earn some money to buy new makeup!"

We got chatting about where to buy makeup, and I bought her a cup of coffee. That's all! Now don't you go making more of this than it is!

I bought her a coffee.

A few days later I went back and she wasn't there. The coffee shop staff remembered me and her coming for coffee but they hadn't seen her since."


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