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From Trailer to Squat - Upwardly Mobile

Pleasantview elders were trying to "improve" the area, so they were giving poorer Sims in the district a grant to "encourage" them to move to another part of the world. Some Sims didn't like this, saying it was discriminatory. Brandi Broke, however, was delighted.

With a son, a toddler, and another baby on the way, she really needed any help she could get.

She decided they would move to Downtown, which while admittedly pretty run-down, was MUCH cheaper. Since her son went to school by bus anyway, it wouldn't be too much of an upheaval for him; and she had no ties in Pleasantview apart from a few old boyfriends she might rather forget, and her husband's grave.

She bought a tiny town house in this street - that's an easel she bought for Dustin on their balcony. It was cramped, and pretty filthy.

And the neighbours were pretty unpreposessing. Mind you, this red-headed guy might have something. Red hair - Brandi wanted a baby with red hair.

Chester was squatting in a large-ish derelict lot. It looked as if it had been some kind of military installation in the recent war.

And lived as a bachelor would - with the bare necessities.

He was concerned about his maid. Brandi offered to move in, clean house for him and scare away the predatory man-maid.

"I get great bugs here. And nobody minds my guitar practice."

"Did you ever think of cleaning up the old fag-ends?"

Chester and Dustin worked together on doing up old cars and selling them on.


Brandi's youngest, Earl, is a cutie with his father's amazing Pinocchio nose.

Brandi had already made a huge difference to the place. Clean walls, scrubbed floors.

The patio.

The pool sometimes gave off a dark smoke; Brandi wasn't too happy about the lads sitting in there for hours.

As they did. Dustin, Earl and Johnny Smith here discuss careers. In Downtown there wasn't really a lot of choice. Work at the Opium Den round the corner or...

Interlude: Puppies! Sarah Crittur, who had also decided to squat here, had three!

"And then Mr Sausage said "Oh goody!"

"Mr Saush in da rocket?"

"I wanna be a architect when i grow up. I wanna decide where the houses go."


The wonderful lots in this tale are from garden of Shadows.

Brandi's house (and all the houses in the street) is Winner Street 22, made by pinkosim (AKA Psychosim), part of the wonderful Winner Street set from here.

Chester's place is a large lot called CHBL here by kativip.

Opium Den mentioned in the story is also from Garden of Shadows, and is a small hangout Community Lot owned by another Sim in the district.

Both come with OODLES of CC, most of which is fabulous, of course much of it shows in these pictures. I think Psychosim did most of the recolours hirself.