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Strangeways Asylum

Doctor's Notes

The Inmates

Mater Davidoff - has been here forever because of her dypsomania and fantasies of being of the Russian Royal family.

Jak Giggy - manic-depressive. Like many manics, quite charming.

Bren Beldam - pregnant - here because she had a breakdown after her boyfriend died. It's unclear which boyfriend she means - she seems to get names muddled at times. Also thinks she is a witch. Insists on wearing a witch-hat. Has not yet cast any spells successfully.

Zazazu Abubu - not sure why she is here. Tends to wander about in her underwear. Very pretty underwear.

Kazzandra Daz - blue face syndrome

S Bassoon Brudder - blue face syndrome

Tigerlilley Hentai - had a breakdown after her friend died of drinking toxic waste.

The Asylum is drastically understaffed. Catering staff walked out after shouting about the lack of supplies of anything except toasting bread and cheese.

Patients largely look after themselves.

Doctor's notes

Bren Beldam has been discharged - she gave birth to her son Kieron last week and in my professional view, needs to go home and look after her baby. It is my hope that her new maternal responsibilities will help her focus.

Blue Face Syndrome - a cure has been found! Patients treated and discharged. Patents applied for in the name of the hospital.

Mater Davidoff discharged herself last night. Since she is a voluntary patient, that's ok. And to be fair, her dipsomania seems to be improving. At least she is not hiding the bottles any more, but disposing of them honestly in the recycle bin. I hear that her husband has divorced her while she was inside; she seems to regard this as a positive thing, though one comment is questionable.

"We of the Royal Family NEVER divorce. Other means are generally used. But in this case, he is the commoner, being only my second cousin from Novaya Zemlya. The Royals there are little above commoners, his mother lived in a wooden dacha."

The fantasy of being of the Tsarist family is clearly still there. But it seems harmless.

Tigerlilley seems to have developed an aversion to using the elevator. She says she is afraid of it falling. Otherwise doing well.