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Sita's Constructo Challenge Part 2

[Part 1]

Step 3. The Entrance

Garden path.

For the entrance I needed to know the family's hated colours. I think I avoided most of them.

Family data:

Name Age Aspiration Second Aspiration LTW Favourite colour Hated Colour
Gavin Newson Teen Prosperity rolled Pleasure Business Tycoon Yellow Green
Ginger Newson Teen Family rolled Pleasure Golden Anniversary Violet Pink
Gabriella Newson Child       Orange Black
Gallagher Newson Child       Yellow Violet
Garrett Newson Toddler       Black Orange
Georgia Newson Toddler       Red Pink

So their hated colours:

Green - hated by Gavin.
Pink - Ginger hates pink.
Black - hated by Gabriella and loved by garrett.
Violet - hated by Gallagher and loved by Ginger.
Orange - hated by Garrett but loved by Gabriella.

There is something from everyone in this hallway.

The mad clock is the only legacy the children have from their father, who sadly died in the Alchemilla Asylum in Downtown during the war, and that wonderful Art Nouveau-ish (vase? lamp? Sculpture?) was their mother's. She was killed by a mugger in Downtown while visiting him.

Dreamcatcher from Ginger, the fishtank is Gabriella's.

Garrett likes ducks! of course the cricket bats are Gavin's

Gallagher chose the carousel picture. He's fascinated by its workings, and wants to be an engineer.

Georgia added the ballerina - wants to be a dancer

Call me thick! Not a surprise to many... Halfway through I realised that the hallway needs to contain stairs. I had a problem with this, because a beautiful deco cup and saucer was stuck in the middle of the floor <grin> I had to move the Newsons actually ONTO the lot to get rid of it.


Reading through later parts of the Challenge it seems I should have put the stairs in the living room instead of the hallway. But since in my country stairs are normally in the hallway, I plan to leave them there.

I don't think this project ever got completed. My Newsons are still stuck in limbo somewhere. Some day I might look at this again.

Sita April 30, 2014