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This is an archive of the homes Maxis gave us for our Sims 1 games; some were distributed with the original game and Expansion Packs, some were free downloads from their Internet site. Now no longer available from EA, they are hosted here for my and your convenience.

Lot 1 Jones House with Jones family Sims 1 
Maxis Castle   Sims 1
Lot 2 Snooty House with Snooty Patooty family Sims 1 
Maxis Mansion   Sims 1
White House with Agent family Sims 1 Or the EXE.


Lot 3 Maxis Suburban   Sims 1
Lot 4 Maximus House with Maximus family Sims 1 Or the EXE HouseMaximus.exe
Lot 5 Goth House with Goth family Sims 1
Lot 6 Bachelor House   Sims 1
Lot 7 Newbies' House with Newbie family Sims 1
Maxis Courtyard  
Lot 8 Valentino House with Valentino family Sims 1
Lot 9 Hatfield House with Hatfield family Sims 1 
Mashuga House with Mashuga family
Lot 10 Tudor Cottage   Sims 1