On this page and the pages linked to below I have archived 
some of the files of the much lamented BNJxLVR Sims 1 site, 
which I am collecting with the help of members of the Simblesse Oblige forums and others. 
Many thanks to all who have helped me find these files!
The files are hosted here with permission, in case you were wondering...

Amusement Park ] Animal Hospital ] Candy Living ] Cheap and Simple ] Doors and Windows ] DownTowns ] Electronics ] Food ] Furniture ] Garden ] Heads ] Paintings ] Permission ] Roof Wall Floor ] Skins ]

There is also a BNJxLVR Yahoo group. I personally find Yahoo groups hard to use, and prefer the web page format, so I'll continue to host these files here in case anyone else prefers this format.

I must apologize for the long delay in sorting out these files. Not everything has a picture yet. I do not have the complete collection here; if you have any BNJxLVR files, please consider sharing them so that all Simmers may access them easily. I know there are many skins and heads I do not have yet, and there may be more objects. please contact me here.

I am sorry, I have as yet little information about expansion packs needed to make these objects work. They all work for me; but currently I have all EPs to Makin' Magic installed. If you know, please Contact me.

EPs required if any Filename
Alternative Servos bnjxlvr/skinsandmesh/bnj_robot_01.zip