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2 Sim Lane

The Snooty Patooty House and family were made by Maxis. They are now hosted here for your convenience.

It is furnished with Maxis furniture and decor.

Comes with its own family - the Snooty Patooty family. Of course their character is completely up to you, though with a name like that, nominative determinism is likely to apply. 

Download the decorated house complete with the Snooty Patooty family. Download The house alone without its family.

What you need to make it work

You should be able to use this home and family if you have at least one of the combinations as shown below:
The Sims
or  The Sims Deluxe or Sims Double Deluxe
It will also work if you have any combination of the further expansion packs Livin Large, House Party, Hot Date, Unleashed, Superstar and Making Magic.