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More of Whistlestop

Aya Tanner was delighted to see her son Ethan move into Whistlestop to take up a post at the new Horticultural Laboratory. He had been living with his father Romon Tanner in BonSanco for several years but since his father had died after establishing himself as the prima chef of that city, he had been looking for a job closer to the rest of his family.

Here's a pic of their rather complicated family tree.

Ethan, Yuna and Grant are the children of Romon Tanner.

Junji is the son of Pescado, and Freddo is the son of Darren Dreamer.

With Ethan's return to the fold, Aya finally completed her lifetime wish of raising five children from babies to teenagers. Yuna was wanting to start her new career, but as usual with large families, there was very little money. But a timely inheritance from Romon - Aya was surprised - bailed them out. Aya herself planned to write a cookery book.

Yuna bought a little cottage called Seagull Cottage 2! It was close to the village, while far enough from the neighbours so she wouldn't irritate anyone by long hours of practising.

In due course, Hyprekia Snape married Jenni, and they bought a little cottage in Hinckley Village. Jenni left the police force to work as a chef. Hyprekia was still an apprentice fortune teller; but with his share of the Snape brothers' joint inheritance, they managed very well. She was quickly pregnant, and produced a baby son, Simismus.

After the wedding, Sarcasmus had a couple of days off work and decided it was time to follow up some of his online chat partners.

First, he asked Beulah out. She said no, then turned up anyway. What she hadn't told him was that she was already married to Darren Dreamer. Sarcasmus has very strict views on marriage, so relegated her to the Friend Zone.

Yuna Tanner was next on his list, and they got on very well. He really liked Yuna, though she was a lot younger than him. She was flirty, like her mother Aya and genuinely liked the older, but strangely innocent Sarcasmus. On their first date, she couldn't spend much time with him but she made it clear she liked him: she had to shoot off to the first day of her new job as a Roadie, at the New Globe Theatre in town.

The old theatre looked right out to sea, and the sunsets from there were magical.

The Isle of the Dead.

The lighthouse.

And horses in the rain.

One warm afternoon in summer, the brothers' "maid", Grady Elfman, was attacked by the bees. He was quite badly stung. "You just need to sleep it off," said Jess. So he stayed over.

Sarcasmus invited Yuna over for dinner, and they had a lovely time. Jess cooked for them all.

[Out-take: Sarcasmus welcoming Yuna's {cough} blouse.]

Jess and Grady were so delighted to have female company that they wouldn't leave the couple alone.

Sarcasmus finally asked Yuna to come and look at the garden with him. "Oh! Let me show you my bees!" said Jess gleefully, and Yuna had to tell him quite forcefully that she really had no interest in bees, apiaries, beeswax or even honey.


The Horticultural Research Lab is actually a playable tomb//community lot by Diwtay at Mod the Sims 3 here.