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Twinbrook Detention Centre

The Social trailer was becoming a bit of a hotbed of crime. At least violent crime. Fights were breaking out there very regularly.

The last straw was Meggie Who, who attacked both Scout Sergeant and her husband, who unfortunately was an off-duty policeman, in the same evening. They were both very able to defend themselves but she was charged, and it came to the attention of the Chief of Police, who in turn approached the leader of the Free World, (ie Twinbrook) Gavin Hutton.

Gavin decided to find out more about the situation, so he paid the place a visit. He called in on Meggie, visited the Social, and had a look around the trailer park. 

"These people are clearly illegal immigrants," he said to his bodyguards. "They don't have papers, so they cannot get decent jobs. That makes them criminals! and they are clearly troublemakers. It's time we did something about these illegal immigrants."

"Sir, yes, SIR!" said the bodyguard, saluting.

Gavin had his staff draw up plans for a detention process, and decided to take charge of this project personally. There was a tenement block on the edge of town, far enough away from registered voters. Those immigrants had no papers, and no votes - they would not be able to object.

The tenement block was available quite cheaply as it had not been redecorated or used for some years. And he could tell his voters he was "Cleaning up the Town". He hummed to himself as he wrote the orders.

He sent the police officers out to round up the trailer park Sims.

The police turned up at the trailer park and served a notice of eviction. "Not only that, we are confiscating your trailers, though you can keep your individual posessions - we have to keep the Sim Rights lobby happy somehow - and we are taking you all to our new luxurious (snort) Detention Centre."

Jessla was incredulous. "You cannot be serious!"

"Quite serious. These instructions come from the very top. Now are you going to come quietly, or do I need to send for reinforcements?"

Twinbrook Police Officer Bobby Sergeant's Report on Detention of Illegal Immigrants from Twinbrook Unofficial Trailer Park
We apprehended several immigrants at the Trailer Park and the Social trailer. We believe there may have been more as some trailers were discovered to be empty. The occupants of those trailers will be found and brought to justice.
Those arrested were:
  • Jess von Camelid
  • Motoki Mo
  • Meggie Who
  • Myskaal Asimaha
  • Rufio Simself
  • Jeromy Craig

None of the above had any papers whatsoever. They protested that they had never been given papers, which was of course irrelevant.

They have been escorted to the Detention Centre as requested, and the trailers removed. They will be given instruction as to what they may and may not do in Twinbrook.

On arrival at the Detention Centre Jesslla was appalled to see the state of the place. "What a dump!" and when she looked inside at the bedrooms she was puzzled. 

"Hey, officer, you told me I could keep my furniture?"

"Sorry," smirked the officer. "Unfortunately the Leader of the Free World forgot to allocate us any extra funding for the Detention Centre, so your fancy bed had to be sold to ensure that ALL the inmates had mattresses to sleep on, toilets, light bulbs, you know, things like that.

Now, none of you will be able to get work in this town, as you have no papers. So you better figure out a way to bring in some money before you all starve." 

"One of you, Jeromy Craig, has already volunteered to be the janitor and keep the place clean. He seems to be fascinated with the toilets."

Meggie was the first to react to this, after Jeromy, who giggled a little and ran off to the bathroom.

"I'll grow food for us," she said. "I can garden. Maybe someone else could fish? That would help at least provide us with some food."

Rufio said "I don't suppose there are any computers here? A Net connection?"

"Oh, yes, there is a computer room. The Leader is very big on self-improvement."

"Excellent," grinned Rufio. "I might be able to get some online work of some kind."

Jesslla caught her eye and smiled.The policewoman had missed it. Rufio was saying she would hack some money into their account.

"I don't know what I can do." She paused as the guys looked at her. "No. NO! I can cook, and I can play the piano. I don't suppose that's useful?"

Myskaal said, "Yes, I can play too, that's a good idea."

The policewoman smiled."I don't see why you shouldn't busk in the parks, so long as it's not  annoying any GENUINE Twinbrook citizens. Well, that's constructive. Now keep out of trouble. No fights! In case you were wondering we have impounded the trailers, including the Social Trailer. You won't be getting those back."

Rufio scowled. "I liked my little trailer."

"This computer is wore out. I need another one."

Rufio, it turned out, was quite Handy and was soon able to fix the computer.

They had no money at all and had to go fishing for their supper.

Myskaal and some of the others went fishing. From the river's edge, where he was sure he couldn't be overheard, Myskaal phoned Spock Block, the reporter. But Spock didn't want to have anything to do with this. He was on the other side of the fence, and wanted to stay there.

"I can't have anything to do with this Myskaal. I'm sorry, you're on your own."

Myskaal scowled. "Spock, you are from MATY too, did you have papers when you moved to Twinbrook?"

Spock paused. "You wouldn't."

Myskaal shrugged. "Why not? I'll ring one of your fellow journalists and let them know - ah - where you stand. Or rather, where you stood."

Spock swore at him and hung up.

Motoki really enjoyed fishing, and elected to be the fisherman for the household. "Not saying others cannot, but I like it a lot, and you might find something else you like better."

Myskaal decided to visit the scrapyard and see if there was any way he could make money from anything there. When he got back with a pile of scrap, Rufio told him that she had talked to an online contact who would buy all the scrap he could collect. "I can't tell you his name, but he will meet you when you have 100 scrap and give you money for it."

Guess who that was? "Later. Bring it after you finish playing here."

Out in town, Rufio spotted someone she was sure looked like an old friend.

"You don't know me. And I don't know you. Geddit?"

"But I DO know you. You had the trailer next to mine. OW! my shin!"

Back at the Detention Centre, Jesslla explained painstakingly why Inge had not wanted Rufio to recognise her in public.

Rufio broke the computer, so she had to swot up on how to fix it.

"Do you think you could fix this too?" asked Meggie, holding an ancient, rusty garden sprinkler. "I found it in the shed. There is a grotty old pipe there too."

"I'll have a go."

It turned out Motoki was an excellent cook as well.

Jeromy meanwhile developed Invisible Sim Syndrome. He kept disappearing. So he had to go to hospital for a while to be treated, and returned, apparently none the worse.

Meggie had a request for some good quality vegetables from Anna Lise Riddell, who she discovered worked as an Investigative Reporter who worked for the Herald.

When she got home, she mentioned Anna Lise to Myskaal.  He nodded. "I've seen her articles. She's good."

Jermy also liked the computers. "So much to do! So little time!"

"So, what's everyone been doing?"

"Planted those seeds," said Meggie. "I'm soo tired and achey. I wish we had a bath."

"As soon as we can afford to get one installed," smiled Motoki.

"I went busking at a Bistro. The owner there is cool. She let me play for her customers, so long as I let her sing with me for a set. Not such a bad voice either. She seemed to be pleased and said I can come back anytime to play; and she'll give me a meal for an evening's playing. Oh, and I made 178 Simoleans from the busking."

"Sounds great!"

The next day, with the money Rufio had hacked into the account over the last few nights,  they called a solicitor to find out if they had any legal rights. "I searched all the precedents. I'm afraid basically you have no rights; they could have put you in prison, and they can deport you at any time."

Jesslla sighed. "I wish I could get a job. I did apply for the hospital here once but the small print was that they wanted me to agree up to be an organ donor, at any time their patients required it of me. I'm quite attached to my organs."

"Don't worry," said Motoki. "We are managing."

Wide awake one night, Jeremy spent much of the night watching Motoki sleeping.

Some of the Sims that lived in Twinbrook Detention Centre made it to Shearwater, only to die in Sim Survivor.


The Detention Centre is a building from the London, England world, which was available from the EA forums. It's made by jay6754. The building was a shell only, any issues with decor or content are mine.

Jeromy Craig is a Sim made by me, based on a Sims 2 self-sim from MATY here

Jesslla's self-Sim is a self-Sim from MATY

Motoki's self-Sim is a self-Sim from MATY

Myskaal Asimaha is a self-Sim from MATY