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Spock Block in Newton leFade

Spock Block sold his pretty house in Bay City to move to Newton leFade. Because his old house was a designer home, he got a good price for it, and bought a neat two-bedroomed house with a separate garage and small garden.

This was a new town offering incentives for immigrants... and some of his friends were moving there. Another plus was that the paper he worked for was establishjing a branch there and offered him a role as lead investigative reporter.

He used the library facilities a great deal, and the librarians didn't mind his interviewing Sims there.

He had to interview Rhayden, who he liked a lot.

Spock was himself a bit of a celebrity, and that helped. Sims were more likely to talk to him because of it.


After interviews he was always starving... the children's library had a cooking facility.

As do most humans working hard on forwarding their career, Spock's career also demanded he move town again.

He moved to Twinbrook, with a job as an anonymous source handler.