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The Pertwee Legacy Episode 4

Morten completed his Guitar skilling and to celebrate, Sean went and bought him all the tunes for Guitar at the bookshop.

Finally it was time for Sean to retire. He decided that they should all go on holiday to celebrate.

"Where should we go?"

"Somewhere the toilets and showers work," muttered Monica, wet through yet again from fixing the shower.

In the end they decided that Angie would take the boys, leaving Sean and Monika home for a little quiet time together.

"And SOMEBODY has to look after my beetles, butterflies and bugs!" said Lemuel.

The family set off for Shang Simla.

They went to the Forbidden City, met some locals, and Angie and the two older boys explored the basement of the Halls of the Lost Army

They had a lovely time collecting minerals and gemstones, and bugs, and Angie did a little fishing.

Chinese Customs impounded their Motive Mobile. It disappeared after driving all round Shang Simla.

You have to be very fit to sculpt with a chainsaw. Morten got into some strange contortions.



Jon had a serious heart to heart with Shemuel. "You know, you are not the only one with an Invisible Friend. It's not such a big deal."

One day at dinner, Monika proposed a move to a place called Barnacle Bay. "I hear the fishing there is really good, the air quality is great and might help my fatigue, which I'm sure is due to the polluted air here in Sunset."

"I hope it has more toilets," Angie said under her breath.