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The Pertwees in Barmy Bay

They were not getting any younger.

Monika slept most of the time these days, though she still wore her pinny.

Sean finally agreed to retire, and the whole family moved to an island close by, Barnacle Bay, pronounced Barmy Bay. He got a small pension and grumbled about accountants, but he was delighted to leave town. They found a house near the beach for Monika, Sean and Morten to live quietly, called Plankton Penthouse, a ridiculous name for rather a nice bungalow, while the younger end of the family moved to a much larger plot next door where they planned to build a larger house.

Of course the children thought it was great fun to sleep in tents.

Morten worked hard on his sculpting, as he would now be the breadwinner.

"Dad, now you are retired I want to sculpt you."

"Show me as a great Principal! Like this! I'll be a great example to our prelectors. Even if they DO only give me a miniscule pension! §50 pension is pathetic!"

"I'll try. Stand still..."


Sadly, ice sulptures do not last. So Morten made another, and another...

Monica spent a lot of time fishing here, while Morten, a virtuoso guitarist, entered a music competition at the theatre and won §3,375.

Morten sculpted both his parents in ice again.

I think this is about version 4.0. of their sculptures. Morten had not yet discovered the secret of stopping ice sculptures from melting.

Sean and Monika are now both 1,125 days old.