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Kim Dotcom 2

Newly married Tanisha felt she should go and pay her respects to the neighbours, and her condolences at their father's death during her wedding.

But she was still too delighted at her rather unexpected good fortune, and she hadn't actually known Alvi Senior personally.

VJ seemed to think she had the tact of a jellyfish.

By the time she got home, Kim had clipped his hair. "I like it better this way."

She got a job as a playground monitor. She liked children, and was sorry to have missed the chance to have her own. They talked a lot about this; Kim was keen to have a son.

"I wonder if we could adopt?"

After some enquiries, they were told they could in fact, as elders, still adopt a child. This suited them well. They had very little spare cash, but the Social Worker told them that caring for the child was far more important than money. So here is Kimmy. He is brave, disciplined and a bookworm.

Tanisha's job was slowly bringing in a little extra, and Kim himself got his promotion to Vice President. Suddenly their income jumped! They loved the little house in the marsh though, and decided to stay there.

He decided to take his family on holiday to celebrate. "Let's go to France! It will be educational for Kimmy."

"Egypt would be more so... think of those lovely pyramids."

"Egypt it is, then!"

And so they set off.

With his parents so very clearly in love, Kimmy sometimes felt like a gooseberry. But he made friends with the clerk in the bookshop and spent many contented hours simply reading through their stock.

Kim meanwhile found a lovely place to cool down from the hot Egyptian sun.



This picture of Kim Dotcom is actually the closest to his RL looks, and is what inspired this story.

January 30, 2013