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Kim Dotcom Legacy

Kim spent all his money on a little house in a swampy area of Sunset Valley with very little left over.

His obtained work as a Paper Boy, to start the next day.

Needing a computer fix, he set off for the Library.

"Don't stare at the legs don't stare at the legs don't..."

Gave up on studying at the Library that night.

Running to work the next morning.

"I hope that punk doesn't bite! I haven't time to cross the road..."

And later he ran back, past the punk's house: "Well that was definitely the hardest day's work I've ever done. All that WALKING! There HAS to be something else. Back to the library."

"...OK. The Science Facility need a Test Subject. That's gotta be easier. And the pay is better."

Determined to succeed, he spent every available minute on the library computer and the Net, researching the experiments that were being performed, and doing online courses.

A few days later, at the library he bumped into Fiona McIrish. This was awkward.

"You sent in your notice? After a DAY? Am I such a lousy boss?"

"Not at all. No hard feelings, but paper boy just isn't me."

Fiona was quite friendly. Maybe a little too friendly for a new boy in town.

"No worries. You need help decorating your house? I've some free time at the weekend..."

"Errr... Thanks but I need to go out of town this weekend." (I can't afford any paint.)

He quite enjoyed his new job, working as a Test Subject paid quite well, but sometimes he would come back from work overtired or stressed out. He dreamed of a simple office job.

Drug trials were a little worrying too. One day he came back from work with a really fierce headache and all he could do was try and sleep in the bedroom, wishing he had been able to put up curtains.

And psychological testing can be confusing. You know you're an ambivert when you take a cognitive functions test and your highest scoring function is introverted despite the fact that people think you come off as extroverted.

Another night he came home so full of energy that he danced all night to his boombox.

Oddly, the next day he was promoted to Lab Tech. Maybe the fact that he hadn't bathed for two days, nor slept, may have had something to do with the promotion. Who can understand the mind of a boss?

The best part was that with his bonus he was at last able to afford his own computer.

One of the women he was working with, Susan Wainwright, was being especially nice to him. He found this a little embarassing, as he also worked with her husband, but decided he must be bringing out her maternal instincts.

And finally the job he wanted came up. A job as a Filing Clerk, working for Nancy Landgraab. He could escape Susan, and start to do what he really wanted to do.

His computer broke and he resolved to learn how to fix it for himself.

Being good friends with Nancy Landgraab, another older lady, seemed to be paying off.

Time was moving on, and he realised he had to get on with starting his dynasty. Time was the problem.

Finally, his maid, Tanisha, agreed to go on a date. In her own clothes, she was actually very nice looking.

Bistro for dinner, and then on to the beach, since it was a beautiful moonlit night.

Kim swam, but she didn't seem to want to, and they talked all night.

And she turned up late the next morning, as soon as she had finished her work.

Let's do lunch, said Kim.

Back to work, Kim really looked the part of a corporate drone.

His boss hinted that he should grow his hair - just a little.

And he was actually planning to get married, which is why he looks so contented in spite of the hair.

By now Kim was a Department Head, and Nancy Landgraab, his boss, was his best friend. But he still lived in the tiny house in the swamps.

He had managed to add a little more furniture, but as his life was mostly eat sleep and work, he didn't do much to the house. Added a table and chairs to eat out on the balmy warm evenings with Tanisha, who visited more and more often.

And one night at the Bistro, he proposed. Don't ask - that's Bella heading into the restaurant in her swimsuit.

They planned a simple wedding in the park.

It was actually Kim's birthday.

They were interrupted by the sudden death of Kim's neighbour Iqbal Alvi, a guest at the wedding, died, just as they were about to exchange rings.

After some delay, they tried again. Kim was by now ready to drop, exhausted, but Tanisha would have partied on all night.

Finally they managed to exchange rings in front of their friends and neighbours, and as soon as that was done, she started to sparkle. A couple of heartbroken Sims can be seen there, still shocked about Iqbal's death.

It wasn't only Kim's birthday.

They left the park, to enter elderhood happily together. (He was just too tired to celebrate his birthday and they set off home to sleep the deep sleep of the just-married.)



I'm starting him off in Sunset Valley, with short lifespans, while reinstalling. The total lifespan set is 51 days. This is VERY much shorter than I usually play. From the beginning I was hoping he might be able to find a wife who wasn't older than he was. In fact Tanisha turned out to be exactly one day younger than Kim.