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(Gratuitous landscape shot of the weather.)

New politician

One of our prominent (read wealthy) residents, Oona Klostermann, has announced she intends to take up a political career.

"I'm going to get a job in the Town Hall. So far I've been completely underestimated. Everyone will have to appreciate my genius! I've hired a butler, now that no-good Duke Bunmui has left me. And the kids are off to school as soon as their rides arrive. It'll be a whole new life!"

Seen here having one last chocolate binge that evening, before the children left for Smuggsworth. Oona said she had been given a book on her first day at the new job, entitled "Wax until there is no more."

Thinking this might be a hint, she headed for the salon.

New Salon in town

Where Peggy, the salon owner, was scheming and planning in her turn.

Monte Vistans might remember Peggy as Carlos, a bartender; she now has her own salon, and can do wonders very unpromising raw material. Get yourself to the salon and see what she can do for you!

Other Gossip

Giovanni Gotti of the Bridgeport Family married a nice Italian girl, Tina Costa, whom he met in London. Tina turned out to be the daughter of Dante Costa, by his lamented first wife. The newlyweds have come for an extended visit to her family in Monte Vista.

Dante, of course, will be well known to readers of this column. He knows everybody and everyone does as he requests. His second wife Giovanna is a very private Sim who avoids journalists, but she has born him the two beautiful daughters Victoria and Cipriana, and recently their small son, Nawwaf.

(Readers may remember that Giovanni's niece died tragically in a fire at his father's house. Since then the family have kept carefully out of the limelight.)

Chapter 3: Scenes from a Family