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Invia Nunquam


Chapter 2

Just down the road lived the Bawl family.

Snow Bawl and her busband, Liu Pei, bought a huge house which had apparently belonged to a mad traveller, one Sir Garrard, famous jeweller and collector of precious gems, the Manor de Sir Garrard. "This will suit us very well," said Snow.

Thunder was not doing well with his schoolwork. Not surprisingly.

Deng, meanwhile had taken to going back in time, in search of the ancient times he almost remembered.

And as the primary carer for the raccoon, Tanuki, he got to bathe it when it was stinky.

And enjoyed spinning in his time off.

Liu found this wonderful alchemy setup in the basement.

It is so far to school that the kids never get there till closing time, so Liu and Deng are mostly educating them at home. Snow, of course, is a writer of best-selling romantic fiction.

Deng, the mummy, used the Fountain of Youth and aged down to Adult, but so far it has not worked for Snow or Liu. So they installed a Potion Bench and are working hard to try to develop a Potion of Youth before it's too late.

Liu Pei's clone-son, Ollie, aged up to teen.

But he hasn't adapted to the climate yet.

Snow Bawl's daughter Snow Pei is turning into a beauty, with a very strong resemblance to Mum, including her Insane trait.

And that scowl.

Thunder is someone else who's had a bad day.

Gorgeous Elixir shop.

Family history:

Liu lived in China, Snow invited him to come and visit, he stayed and eventually married Snow.

Deng, not shown in the chart, is a mummy who also fell for Snow and followed her home from Al Simhara.

Thunder Sosa-Bawl, the oldest of the children, is Snow's son by a celebrity named Lennon Sosa, from a short affair, and is still a Teen.

Bianca is her daughter by Liu Pei.

Liu and Snow also had an older son from the Time machine, Jared, who isn't shown here - he was already an Elder when he arrived. Worked with Liu in his fish-shop business in LP until his death, and is much mourned.

Ollie is Liu Pei's clone-son, and the Raccoon came from Bonsanco, where Snow Bawl adopted him.


The Manor de Sir Garrard is by Murfeel, as are Conan and his village.

Sarah Ferguson is available here.

Sita July 9, 2018

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