Larry and Pippsi Hookins ]

Larry and Pippsi in Egypt

Larry was sure Pippsi would love Egypt as much as he did. And he was right. The "surprise" honeymoon was a very happy time.

They went shopping.

"I swear, that statue winked at me!"

"Heyy! I am worth far more than ten camels!"

Accomodation was somewhat primitive. Tents were not comfortable, and they both missed their lovely comfortable bed.

Went to visit the Sphinx and a couple of tombs.

Two rings to open all...

Larry decided discretion was the better part of valour, so Pippsi went back toward camp and explored a tomb, and Larry went fishing.

"What a wonderful place. I love those pictures. Maybe I can paint something like that?"

And some treasure.

They spent most of their honeymoon quietly, peacefully fishing together.

And in Pippsi's case, shopping! She ADORED the Egyptian markets.

Larry preferred fishing.

They finally got home very late, completely worn out and starving hungry.

To be continued.