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Zombie Jeromy (Or Confessions of a MATY Sim continued)

"In nine hours and twenty-three minutes... you'll be mine!"

"You remind me of the babe (what babe?) the babe with the power (what power?) the power of voodoo (who do?) you do (do what?) remind me of the babe..."

"Your mother is a fraggin' aardvark!"

"Your eyes can be so cruel, just as I can be so cruel..."

"Ow! It bit me!"

"What'd you expect fairies to do?"

"I thought they did nice things, like... like granting wishes."

" Shows what YOU know, don't it?"

"It's only forever, it's not long at all..."

"Don't tell me truth hurts, little girl, 'cause it hurts like hell (hurts like hell, hurts like hell)..."

"Well, laugh…"

"Come in side, have a nice cup o' tea."

"I ask for so little, just let me rule you and you can have everything you want. Just fear me, love me, do as I say and I will be your slave."

"You cowered before me and I was frightening."


Apologies to The Labyrinth and Terry Jones.

The zombie appears to have been a Sims 3 bug. Zombies DO spawn on a Full Moon night, but not usually zombies of the Sims who actually LIVE on that lot. Jeromy appears to have been lonely and put up with the zombie for the company.