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Pescado 5: More Pescados

Before long Pes and Sylvie were engaged, Sylvie moved in and gave up her maid job. She had to as she was having severe tummy trouble.

Pes thought the tiberium was causing more trouble than usual. He phoned Aya Tanner regularly to keep her in touch with Junji's progress mentioned Sylvie's tummy upsets. Aya said at once "You dork, she's pregnant! get 'er married!"

"I didn't think she was in that much of a rush... Hmm. Not the tiberium then. Good point, cheers Aya love. Come to the wedding?"

"Try and keep me away. All right to bring the tribe?"

"I suppose so, yes."

Junji was pleased about the wedding.. "She's not as padded as Mom, and she'll play ball with me."

"She might get a little more padded, lad. One of those strange things women do. Wait and see."

Visiting Trepie Manor with Junji one long, beautiful BonSanco evening.

The awkward moment - when Junji announced "We are marrying Sylvie. We want you to come to our wedding!"

Pescado took the tom, Abyssinio, to the vets. Abyssinio sat happily in the front seat, not knowing what fate awaited him, nor understanding what Pes meant when he said

"I'm sorry to do this to ya, old son, but enough is enough. No more kittens!"

A few days later, Abyssinio told the gnome, "That "going to the vet" - that was a strange outing. I thought I was going to get fussed over, but they stuck something in me, like a vaccination but I went to sleep... I keep feeling as if there's something - you know - something I'm missing. But I can't for the life of me figure out what."

This lady in black, Shasta Pescado, turned up after a futuristic time-travel session. She disappeared completely, having done a week's worth of laundry.

And soon Lawrence joined the family. He's from way back in the past. Abyssinnio took to him immediately. "He wears dog-skins!"

"Junji, you sure I'm supposed to put this on my tache?"

The Wedding On the Pier.