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The Wedding on the Pier

Pes hired the pier for their wedding, as he was inviting not quite EVERYONE but most of the population of the town.

The cats refused to get in the car, because of its association with vets and strange things they do to cats. So they travelled overland. That's Amelia.

Pes had plates of shrimp and sushi waiting for them, of course, and they snoozed their long run off in the sandbox.


Trepie. "I'm happy for you and Sylvie. We all are."

Pes: "I'm happy to stay on good terms with you - and your family. Trippy's a great gal, but not for me."

Trepie. "Yeah. She's here somewhere. She's seeing one of the Tanner boys; I'm not too happy about that, but we'll see where it goes. Oh, that reminds me; I want to buy one of your time-travel machines for a job."

"Sure. I'll drop it by in a couple days. Would you prefer to hire it?"

"Hm. Good question. They have a history, like an internet browser?"

"Yeah. Anyone can track back where you've been. Unless it is destroyed."

"OK. Then I want to buy it, use it, and you can come and blow it up for me."

"Done. Wednesday suit?"

"So many legs, so little fish."

Business concluded, Trepie settled down to enjoy himself. Blue Curaçao ice cream!

"That family are trouble - criminals."

Trippy talking to Cornelius Butt there.

There were amusements for all.


"Want more fish."

Cornelius also sneakily got on the waterslide. But had the sense to change back into his civvies.

"Mrs Thorn, could you please - my eyes are hurting."

Pes sang a duet with Yuma, his almost-step-daughter. They were good friends.

Mrs Thorn of course, didn't.

"She is impossible! This isn't a pool paty!"

"So go sort her out."

"I will."

"How DARE you behave like a five-year old at MY wedding?"

"Ut oh. He's gonna sing again!"


At sunset, Pes and Sylvie got a chance to use the karaoke machine. Together. And they sang and sang.


"Come on, kits, time to go home."

Home again. Ringing round to thank people for coming.

By the end of this update, the extended family tree:

"It's our wedding night. No hacking tonight!"

"... OK."

"The cats aren't back yet?"

"They'll be OK."