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Mo and Jesslla and Falcon and Barbarella and Snake

Spending some time with his falcon,

his wife Jess von Camelid, a little older than he,

his daughter, Barbarella,

and his pet snake.

BonSanco is such a beautiful place.

He loved the desert evenings. He was a very contented Sim, swimming n the pool by the Science Labs, and fishing.

"I want to do more of this. Fishing is so relaxing compared to scurrying about in tombs."

So it was China for his next trip. He had heard of Dragon Springs as having some specially rare fish.

"Er..! This must be a Chinese custom, never happened to me in Egypt. How to respond?"

"Lao Tsu say 'All life is symphony.'"

While there he collected some nice fruit and veggies for jesslla's garden. Pomelos, lettuce, other things. She could be self-sufficient for fresh fruit and veg!

He came back with almost Level 2 visa, about 13,000 profit and a pile of gems, fishes and minerals. Decided to buy a gem cutting machine for himself.

They did a lot of work on the house. Twin windmills provided plenty of power for the old petrol station lamps.

Then they set to work on Jess's farm. She had a lot of pomegranate trees by now, and a few limes. He had brought back some pomelos too. With the extra power from the windmills, and her tiny pension, they could afford the higher water fees.

The sweet cool of the desert evening.

"When I get back from Shang Simla I'll set up a waterslide for Barbarella!" promised Mo.

"Going again so soon?" asked jesslla.

"Well yes. So that you can have another night out at the Casino! We haven't done that for too long. I want to treat you! And I want to be back in time for Barbarella's birthday!"

She gave her husband a big kiss and took him off to bed.

The next week was spent cutting all those gemstones, fertilising the new plants and trees, and playing with Barbarella.

He made a soulstone from the gems through the magic of Transmogrification! That sold, heart-shaped, for a cool §17,500.

Time to take his wife for an evening out at the casino.

"I TOLD you to put some clothes on!"

"I can go to Luxor dressed like this! Why not here?"

"Because you're with me. Now get dressed or we're going straight home."

Mo lost §30, Jesslla won §60. And they had a great time, though the casino was unusually quiet.

They stayed out all night, playing and talking.

Jesslla repaired a stereo for a neighbour, while Mo did stretches and star jumps behind her. "Do you have to do that there?"

"I LIKE doing that there. And I'm watching you!"

And the maid was watching him.

To be continued.