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The Bleake Islands

For career reasons, the Salamans moved to the Bleake Islands.

Jacob tried a minor political rally.

Which was taken over by some policewoman? The audience scattered straight away.

They moved into a small apartment. Nothing like their luxurious house back in WP.

Nicholaus wasn't very contented in the small apartment. He determined to move out as soon as possible. But where to? Their place was tiny. ALL the houses in the Bleake Islands were tiny; building land was expensive and very scarce. He eventually was able to buy a small derelict house.

Nicholaus, you may remember, was adopted initially by Jezzer when he married Burble Craig, and later re-adopted by Jacob and Ernest when he moved out of Jezzer's home.

Basement for workshop, garage space, and living space. Maybe a rooftop garden, as there was precious little space below. There was a community garden, but he liked having control. Bathroom for everything else.

What? You don't keep books in your bathroom? This is Trina LaJoie, soon to be Mrs Craig.

Bye, Ernest. He died of contented old age.

Winter. Freezing fog.

Ned Starke had an assignment at this house.

"I do so enjoy a good barbarian."

Ernest finally died. Jacob's all by himself now.

Hugh Cason moved in with Jacob, and in time they partnered.


Bleake Islands is a tiny world made by SimmyRN and available from Mod the Sims 2.

Grammy Cat is from N99, uploaded by Trystiane.

Grammy Cat moved in with all five of Grammy's cats.