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Aurora Lights

The Incident of the Golden TitaI.

Making things into gold can be fatal. Usually TitaI could transform items into gold bars. But in this case it backfired.

It just happened that she had a Death Flower in her pocket, which Grim was very happy to accept. He resurrected her and departed to put it in a vase.

"It's very tiring being dead."

"Welcome back!"

Durga was rather taken with the statue, and very relieved that TitaI wasn't gone for good! She wondered about learning to make sculptures herself, the slow way, and before long they had rearranged the bedrooms and installed a sculpting stand.

Aurora Snows is very beautiful in the winter.

Ameen with little Tito, behind them, Tita explaining to Tita Second why she ought to get a career.

"But I don't want a job, I am very happy running my farm."

"I kept on working all the time I was running the farm."

"You know, technically it was Mum who was doing the farming."

"Fair point. But work was how I met my darling Vidcund."

"I didn't need to go to work to find Ameen."

"True. You did well there. He's a good Dad!"

So when you meet your clone at the Winter Festival, what do you do? Take off your shoes and spar on the snow, of course.

Tita and Vidcund went to China. Not for any special reason, just for a break from the snow.

"But are you sure that babysitter is looking after Sanjib properly?"

"Yes, he'll be fine, and Durga and the children will be looking in every day, so he'll have plenty of company."