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Always Winter and finally Christmas!

Guess which lucky girl got a new kitchen for Christmas? She had to show it off!

So Tita and Vidcund threw a family Christmas party.

Vidcund promptly picked a fight with TitaI, teasing her for being stupid. As nerds do, and of course, TitaI not having any sense of humour, it escalated.

Little Tito on the phone: "Yes I am listening to your ghost story, I'm here standing next to my mum who is watching her mum talk to my uncle Vidcund who just told her she's thick, and I am wondering what she will hit him with..."

It being Christmas, TitaI had promised Durga that she wouldn't fight at the party. No matter how provoked.

Durga to random townies who invited themselves to the family party: "Yes, I am a genie. Yes I get that a lot. Yes, blue. Everywhere. Get over it."

No fights but a little sparring. Just for fun.

"She always wins."

"Put Vidcund down TitaI. Anyway, we'd better start on the presents, the kids are so bored they are getting their homework out."

Then they played Musical Chairs, better known as the "who-is-going-to-sit-where" dance.

T'Resa started. "A new sports bra?" wished TitaI.

Lakshmi was concentrating, hoping VERY HARD for a chess set.

"A computer? Meh."

"A hat box? I don't do hats."

"I got fifteen teddy bears this Christmas!"

"What IS she pointing at?"

And on.

Much later.

"Now then, kids. Home is where the heart is. And the homework."


Tita and Vidcund's house is from Moonlight Falls. It has been completely redecorated of course, as it was far too dark for her taste.