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Lights in China again

Tita and Durga did a few quests. Tita really did not like this one, underneath the Terracotta Army.

She was hit by many darts, which carry a powerful soporific.

They bought a lovely home, called Palace in the Skies, in China, and stayed for a long holiday there.

While in China, TitaI had a terrible dream. It began with her visiting, alone, the Terracotta Army, which had always fascinated her.

Filled with a terrible feeling of foreboding, she started to run back to town.

In the market square, in her dream, the children were swimming, drowning!

"Why isn't Durga there? And who are all those people? Why aren't they helping the children get out?"

She woke up in a cold sweat, made the children promise never to go swimming without her or Durga there, and decided swimming lessons back at home would have a very high priority.

The rest of the holiday passed without undue event; they spent a lot of time just enjoying the new house.

When they came home it was snowing heavily. Winter already? Ameen was at the Winter Festival, and happy to teach T'Resa to skate. Durga didn't need skates!

Tita Second was there too.

Lakshmi made a Reaper snowman.

And then killed it.

"Take THAT Grimmy!" But he was to get his revenge...