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More Lights in Aurora Snows

Waggles made friends with a squirrel, who lived in the trees of their farm. She didn't tell anyone, but she shared her gourmet dogfood with it and the squirrel came to play every day.

"Yes my tail isn't much to write home about. But can you do this?"

Life was good.

She had plenty of people to play with.

And sometimes snow!

Second Grove

Tita Second, now all grown up and a graduate, had her heart set on a tractor.

She still wasn't getting on well with her mother, TitaI, and she felt it was time she had a place of her own.

She did love farming, and she didn't need to be the heiress, although her mother had always assumed she would. So she decided she would to make her own way, leaving TitaI, Durga, and the children the old farmhouse.

She bought a more modern farm and called it Second Grove. But even a modern farm was too much for one Sim. She wanted a partner, someone with an enthusiasm for farming.

Ameen had a definite enthusiasm for Tita Second. He thought it might be the dress, but whatever! he was very happy.

"In Egypt I did work as a shopkeeper, but yes, my family are farmers. I would love to help with your farm. Marry me and we'll make lots of little farmers!"

LightsI Household

Back in Aurora Snows, the nights were drawing in and there was nothing to do in the evenings but listen to Durga's drilling for gems, which she considered her work and did for eight hours a day. Every day.

TitaI had a clone daughter, whom she called T'Resa.

T'Resa could sleep through anything and wanted to be a writer more than anything else.

Until she decided she wanted to be a spaceman.

"Anything is possible, my darling."