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Pescado in Appaloosa

Of course, he escaped the cataclysm that wiped out most of Twinbrook, with which, of course, he had nothing to do! and moved to Appaloosa, to stay with his old Auntie. Well, she wasn't his real auntie, more like a third cousin remobved three times on his father's best friend's side. But she had a house with two bedrooms, and four cats. He felt comfortable there.

As soon as she was convinced he would not upset the cats, she was happy enough for him to use the spare bedroom, and to rearrange her living room so that he could fit in his inventing bench. She did actually enjoy their chess games.

The cats were the most important Sims in this household, specially when Auntie adopted a kitten as well. But they kept the rats and frogs from the nearby pond from invading the house.

One quite remarkable thing happened one night - Pes was working on solving the unsolvable... and failed.

After that he was determined to skill up on his logic and invention. "I'll show them".

They had a rather nasty cooking fire. After that he upgraded the stove so it couldn't catch fire again.

He enjoyed a few short trips to Egypt, coming back with some interesting goodies.

Some gems for Auntie: a ruby, turquoise and emerald.

"Glad you're back, the bath is broken and I can't give the cats their fleabaths," she said, scratching her leg.

Of course, he fixed the bath. He was very good at fixing things. They muddled along quite comfortably for some time, with all her cats, a new kitten and a couple of ghost cats. Pes invented stuff and occasionally did some hacking, and collected metals as well as scrap. When they needed money he would sell some inventions at the local shop, but he really did not much like going into town.

Much later, after his Auntie died, she had left him the cottage, and he had already built up quite a few Simoleans.

He decided to expand the cottage and make a purpose-built lab, with its own shower and fire alarms, for inventing and processing his gems. This freed up space in the rather cluttered living area wheere he and the cats could spread out and sprawl in front of the TV - which actually he watched less than they did. He chopped down some of the willow trees that overhung the cottage, put Auntie's bed into storage - he didn't feel it was right to get rid of it, and didn't do anything else with her bedroom for the time being, and a small rear veranda.

Then he set off for one of his periodic trips to Egypt. He liked the climate there, and gathering a few metals and relics made the trip quite profitable. By now he had Visa level 2.

Of course, while he was there, the toilet at camp broke and he fixed that - the sink was very dirty so after cleaning it he upgraded it to be self-cleaning.

The mysterious hole at camp had been made by some other traveller.

Pescado in the Desert