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More of My Appaloosa


Manzanita grew up.

Giovanni and Tina had another baby, little Sonia; their older son was still away at boarding school.

Giovanni made it to Emperor of Evil again, and then, having reached a ripe age, announced he planned to retire.

He was awarded a Clone Voucher, and proposed to have a new son, who he decided should be called Giovanni II.

Giovanni II of course was Evil, Hot-Headed, and Mean-Spirited. Watch out world!

"Why can't they make an alarm that's quieter?"

They were burgled!

Giovanni came home from work right in the middle of the burglary.

"What the fram do you think you were doing?"

"Give us a break, boss, I didn't know it was your house."

"Right. I'm letting you go, but you OWE me bigtime. When I call, you jump. Capisce?

"Oh thank you so much. I'll never forget this."

"You won't. And leave the umbrella at home next time you break into someone's house. Now scat!"