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More of the Lights in Al Medina

Tita and Vidcund and their children, Sanjib and Tita Third, loved the hot, dry climate of Al Medina.

They had been working on their house.

The airy rooftop for playing and sitting in the long evenings.

An open-air gym, with a simple board roof to keep the glaring sun off as they work out.

There was a tiny garden between the sheltering walls of their house, where plants would get shade and not completely scorched.

A little nostalgic for northern climes, Vidcund planted and successfully grew pumpkins.

Vidcund visited and explored the Blue Souk.

"This place is DANGEROUS!"

"Maybe it was worth it."

Vidcund and Sanjob working on Sanjib's theory that drilling nearby woke up the fish, making them more active, so that they would be easier to catch.

It didn't work particularly well, but Vidcund broke into a tunnel, which he explored.

In time to save an underground civilisation.


The Blue Souk comes with the world of Al Medina and is difficult to photograph but fascinating.