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This is a semi-legacy challenge at Neighbourhood 99

"The only rule is to play with Hunter legacy style and tell us about it and have fun".

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Hunter is an EA Sim in an EA-made home in Riverview with a backstory, and the Insane trait. I've tried to play him "as he is wrote".

Hunter Cottoneye

Hunter's a survivalist. He lived in his original house, well, underground bunker.

He met Felicia Gardiner at the park one sunny day, with a toddler on her arm.

He had registered as an angler because it was a profession less dependent on the infrastucture he deeply distrusted than any other. 

It would be useful to be able to grow some of his own food as well. He would need to, after the apocalypse he was sure was imminent.

His apocalypse nearly arrived rather quickly, and he decided to head off to the library to study cooking, but there were too many Sims there. 

However, he did find someone to talk to, June Shallow. "Yes, I'm a fisherman. I've done it all my life. I never touch meat."

"You see, it's the radiation that gets to us all - they've irradiated the grass that the cows eat, and the meat manufacturing processes concentrate it, so that by the time we eat it, the meat is practically glowing."

"And of course you must know that when they told us they went to the moon, that was really puppets."

On the whole, he found the library stressful and crowded. He decided to make some money and buy books so he could read at home, in peace, alone.

He had planned some night fishing but he slept right through. Note to Hunter: Must get a clockwork alarm clock!

He found an excellent fishing spot on the river, close to his house - there were large piranhas in there. Note to Hunter: No swimming! Caught several piranha and decided to sell all but the largest, which he would have mounted.

Taking his piranhas for selling to the local supermarket he met several locals hanging out - it was a lovely, warm summer evening. In particular Ruby, nee Broke, now divorced from Don Lothario.

Ruby had a very sweet nature and was easy on the eye. Was she the One?

He had a date with her, and she came back to his place, ostensibly for coffee - but he was a little too crazy for her. 

When he started to tell her his conspiracy theories, she backed off, looking horrified, and made excuses to leave. He sighed. "They all do that."

He carried on fishing. There were some small sharks in that river too. Hunter eventually bought a clock and managed to go night fishing. He caught some great specimens. He had the best piranha mounted, and intended to do the same with the best shark.

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August 14, 2012