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The Further Adventures of Jeromy Craig

[Previously, Jeromy died at 3 Cover Up Road]

"Hello, yeah... this is Frank Dobbs. I'm a paranormal investigator. Oh, all right then, a Tarot Card Reader. Yeah. Yeah, sucks. Still, I need to resurrect someone. No, I don't - OK. Never done it before, no. Wait - I need to KNOW the person who died? Lemme see. Who do I know who died? Oh yeah - Jezzer. He died on his wedding day, poor lamb. You want HOW much? The missus won't let me have any more housekeeping - well, yes - yes I understand your costs are high. Yes. Well, willl he still be alive? Technically? Oh. Oh yeah, go ahead then."

There was a whooshing sound and a bright flash. As his vision cleared he saw Jeromy. His skin was dark and slightly mottled, he moved awkwardly, as if bones might have been broken.

"Oh, you're a zombie. My bad! (snigger) Actually - well, I'm sorry. She wouldn't let me use the housekeeping to pay for any more resurrections. "

"Do you know what it feels like to be a zombie?"

"Nah, not my thing, thanks."

Lucio Cat was not impressed with this bluish Sim who smelled funny.

And scarey Grimma had no trouble with him. "Now get out of my HOUSE!"

Jeromy had just enough wisdom to know when he met an invicible enemy, so he left. A (fairly) innocent bystander was startled to see him shuffling down the street.

Jeebus was quietly re-reading his favourite article when he heard a wail from outside: "Heeollp meeeeh!"

After a quick glance outside, he locked the door. Jeromy had been a friend once, but, well, loyalty was not his strongest point.

Jeromy shambled his way onto the roof, where there was a convenient hammock. And let me tell you, climbing a ladder with a dodgy zombie leg is not easy!

"I can wait."

Some time later, Jeebus came out to catch some fireflies. "Cheaper than candles."

He is not praying here, just putting bugs in a jar.

But Jeebus escaped his attacker and got back inside the house.

Jeromy got back on the roof to think. I would have you know, this is very difficult with the mush that forms a zombie brain. Particularly an unfed zombie brain.

"Work. He will have to come out to go to work!"

But at carpool time, it was proved that Jeebus was stronger than Jeromy.

However, he had not remembered to lock the door.

"My, that's a nasty cough you have there."

"Oh how did you get in here? Oh Jezzer, I'm sorry I didn't let you i-"

Jeromy was pretty hungry by now.

And finally managed to stuff his opponent through the slats in wooden furniture. This is quite an unpleasant and tends to cause, well, in this case, zombiefication.

"I like you better already, Jermy."

Jeromy smiled. "That's 'cos I ate your brains."

But, not having any real control over their feelings without most of their brain tissue, zombies are mercurial. The next moment he was shouting:

"No, no, NO! Collect the dishes and wash them up BEFORE you clean the sink!"

And so the chaps settled down into a quite domestic life.

"Nice moobs, Jer."

Entertaining themselves with assorted passers-by.

"Me big lumberjack! Me no scared of no zombies!"

"Nor of no big trouts!"

"Me scrag Jeromy! Oh, hello, pretty pretty."

That was Jeebus' chance...

"Get him Jeebus!"

Chris Zarubin was delighted to join the fight. It turned out she was pretty fit.

"Just - er - inspecting the floor down here."

Mr Mayor happened to walk by.

Cheering on the zombies might be somewhat undemocratic behaviour, Mr Mayor, sir?

Chris Zarubin survived her fight and escaped into the house, where she again fought Jeromy off easily.

They were followed in by a by now very hungry Jeebus.

And Chris was turned.

but she hated being a zombie, so much that she simply roamed to and fro outside their house, complaining of hunger, until she simply - starved.

Some Sims are just not meant to be zombies.

The Reaper came and shook his head. "And so it begins. Now where did I put that overtime sheet?"

At a community lot near you:

"Alas, poor Nailati."



Jeromy Jeebus and Nailati are self-Sims from MATY.

The other characters are EA.