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Fit the Fourth

My first day at work.

There were some bathroom stresses before going.

"Come on guys, I have to get to work. PLEASE let me get a shower!"

The stress ball again - I don't think it works in terms of relieving stress, but it is fun to play with.

Hey ho, hey ho, and off to work I go.

It turned out that being dirty didn't matter much for a cement mixer... because I got promoted! Mind you, I fell into bed as soon as I got back. REALLY hard work.

When I got up again, later that evening, there appeared to be two Zacks as well. Maybe he was really an alien who could replicate himself! 

None of the others seemed to be aware of the duplicates. 

I asked Zack himself. He said he didn't know but anything was possible.... for a Beta Reticulan.

"Don't be silly, your skin isn't green," said Trinny. "Nor was your blood when you cut yourself shaving last week."

"No," he laughed and explained patiently. "It's Vulcans that have green blood. And THEY are fictional! I'm not Vulcan, I am Beta Reticulan."

Everyone disliked going into the bedroom. I don't think two unmade beds are so awful really. There were a few plates and dirty clothes I suppose. but the worst thing was the smell of Mal's feet. That really was terrible. I got in the habit of opening all the windows when I went in. Jock really hated it and eventually banished Mal to sleep on the couch instead.