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Fit the First

Dear Diary.

I have no idea how I got here. One of those odd lapses of memory which seem to be happening more and more lately. I do know my toes and knuckles ache, as if I had been kicking something really hard. Maybe I was in a fight? And someone said something about this being a hospital. So maybe I'm here for my toes to get better... or got a bump on the noggin.

First thing I do remember clearly, I was sitting and watching a TV chef... I had been for hours, I think, my bum was so numb! I could hear odd sounds around me, there were definitely other people here.

Odd things happening... there was a teenager in a yellow jacket down by the pool. Looked like the paper delivery person, but why by the pool? (The next day I caught him swimming in our pool... so maybe that is a partial explanation.)

And an odd chap in a pink sweater, who was stalking around the outside of the house for a while, then left a pink gift-wrapped parcel there and walked away. I looked at it - no label, nothing. I left it there. Someone must have picked it up because it vanished.

Phew! What a day! I went to bed early with my head aching. Also there didn't seem to be enough beds so I just jumped into one when it was free.