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Part 3

Sims from the neighbourhood dropped in from time to time. One of these was Clone Pescado.
"We used to live just up the road. Kutto has made a very nice job of this house. I live just at the bottom of the hill with Gali and our kids."

He liked Annann; his idea of flirting with her was to throw water balloons at her. It went downhill from there.


Sally Jo, ambitious as always, managed to get into Kutto's normally locked bedroom. "I'll just wait here till he gets back from work."

"It's rather dark in here."

"Yeah, the lighting up here isn't done yet. My part got left to last; you have lighting in the Contestant araea don't you?"

They played Rock, Paper, Scissors.

And they all muddled along for a while, getting to know one another, working on their careers, looking after the baby. Surprisingly soon it was Angelika's birthday. [Babies in Strangeways age up very quickly.]

"You made me get out of the hot tub to watch sparklies?"

"We all know you love Angelika, Annann. Who spends the most time with her?"

"Well, someone has to teach her to read."

"She's a BABY!"

"No harm in starting early."

Later that same, momentous day Annann managed to get Kutto into the hot tub. Look at that silly grin. THOSE silly grins :)

Max, the older of Kutto's two dogs, died. They were all very sad. Kutto had brought Max and Lucille with him, and all the contestants got to know them well.

So the scoring now is:

Annann got job 1 bolt for Kutto 98\52 her score toward Kutto 95\46 his score toward her pink heart
Bea got job 2 bolts for Kutto 89\32 98\28  
Sally Jo got job 1 bolt for Kutto 83\56 99\65 pink heart
Rosemary got job 2 bolts for Kutto 75\52 69\55  
Liz got job 1 bolt for Kutto 69\39 63\51  

It looks as if Annann is in the lead and Liz is the one to go.

Kutto decided to throw a big party at the weekend to give her a good sendoff.