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Kutto's Bachelor Challenge

Part 2

In the House

Once the house was complete, Kutto contacted the contestants and they all moved in.

Bea was by this time VERY heavily pregnant.

They all moved in; the only thing it didn't have working was lights. "Just a little snag with the wiring," grinned Kutto. "We'll have it all beautifully illuminated for you very soon. What happened was that when the old church was demolished on the lot next door, some of the mains wiring was destroyed and it has to be replaced. The power company are coming tomorrow."

Bea went into labour that very night, as often happens after something strenous or exciting. Her baby was lovely; she called her Angelika and everyone was fascinated with her.

Annann gave her her first bath.

"Annanns don't usually do sproglets, but this one is sweet."

"Well, young lady, I am glad you've had a bath! I wonder if you will grow up to be clever like Annann, or pretty like your Mum."

In fact, they only called a Nanny once; little Angelika was very well looked after by the contestants, with little trouble. She was a happy, placid baby, which Annann said suggested that, like her mother, she might not be very bright.

"Now don't you do the nasty, or I'm never picking you up again without a nappy on."

Because of the nature of this Challenge, there were no definite tasks, but Kutto told them that he thought it would be a good idea if all the contestants could be gainfully employed within the week - the running costs for this place were pretty high!

Of course some of them already had CAREERS, as Annann wasted no time in pointing out..

Bea was delighted and dashed back off to work the first day after the birth, leaving baby Angelika on the floor! Rosemary, the most nurturing of all of them, picked her up and cuddled her. "Come on, little darling, let's find you a bottle."

On Monday Sally Thespus, who was very ambitious, got a job as a Coordinator in the Entertainment Career, hoping it would lead to acting work.

"If she can get a job in the Entertainment career, you would think I could get something in the cooking trade." Rosemary sighed. There was nothing in the paper again.

She took to getting up around midnight and checking for new vacancies, so that she could be alone in the computer room. She didn't enjoy the pitying glances of the other contestants. She knew they thought she would be the first contestant to go. She hadn't yet found a job, she was well aware that she wasn't the thinnest of the contestants, and she felt all the others were cleverer, or prettier, than she. She would be sorry to lose, too. She liked Kutto increasingly, the more she got to know him. A simple man, a man who worked with his hands, and who loved his food. Just the sort of man she had always dreamed of.

And finally, on the last day of the week she found a vacancy as a Waitress. "I have to get up for work in six hours. I hope someone else can deal with Angelika's early-morning feed!"