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Whistlestop 4

The Continuing Adventures of the Surprisingly Romantic Snapes

First, a couple of wintry shots of the cottage. The extensions were finished just in time before the first snows of the year.

The Mystery of the Snowman was never solved.

Sarcasmus and Jenni dated some more, but when he saw the way she looked at his younger brother Hyprekia, he knew he had lost her. "Damn."

Jess was invited to Tracey Wong's party but when he got there (at 10pm) the girls were all asleep in bed! So he wasn't very pleased.

He headed off to the Gas Street Works Bar. Telling the barman his troubles. "No, I would LOVE to get engaged. But it's Hyprekia, my brother, who is."

He was telling the barman all his troubles when the guy grabbed him and kissed him hard!


"Hey, I have brothers, I don't swing that way."

"I thought you looked like you needed it."

"No... er thanks I guess." confused. "Just keep to your side of the bar, ok?"

To be continued.